Carol F. in Seattle, WA

I’ve hired ExperTech twice – once to set up my computer, printers, router, wifi when I moved offices and again when software upgrades got the best of me. His work is thorough, timely and I love the fact he documents not only his work but provides me with one summary of user ids and passwords. As a technically challenged sole proprietor I find great comfort in having ExperTech fill the role of my IS department!

Paula R. in Lake Forest Park, WA

I am on a Mac and had ExperTech swap out my old drive for a solid state drive. They took all steps to assure no data would be lost, but it was not necessary, as the entire transfer went smoothly and it was done in a few hours. My laptop runs faster and quieter, and is “young again!”

Roy R., Seattle, WA

Home computer system that I do a lot of photography on. Large image files with a Nikon scanner that developed some problems, just an amateur. He found the problem and I was impressed how he handled it. Very innovative solutions.

My Comments:

A recent Window 7 update caused the Nikon drivers, already cobbled in from Windows Vista versions, to stop working. The solution was adding a new small-footprint IBM Lenovo Windows XP system, with a memory upgrade, for a total hardware cost of $125, in order to run the original Nikon scanner drivers intended for Windows XP. The IBM Lenovo was added to the local area network so that files could be easily transferred from one computer to the other for saving and editing.

— Byron ‘Mr. B.’ Canfield

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