Stop Right There!

If you value what’s on your computer, heed this warning from Quora. Question: I don’t know what happened to my laptop. My files are converted to a NUBH file. There is a warning notice in every folder, too. How do I fix this? Answer: You erase your hard drive, wipe all your files, reinstall Windows, […]

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Outlook Data Transfer

Prelude — Windows Commits Seppuku I had occasion to service a client’s computer, a Dell Inspiron One 230 (all-in-one touchscreen), that had its Windows 10 operating system get corrupted. The OS had been an update to a factory-installed Windows 7 OS that made use of the free upgrade option offered in 2016. When booted, the […]

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Booting the Wild USB

For those wondering why it’s so bloody difficult to boot from a thumb drive with Windows 8 or Windows 10. One reason: Microsoft is trying to protect you from yourself. That said, a caveat is in order. The following procedures are documented from testing with an ASUS Model X200M (laptop) running Windows 8.1. Your BIOS […]

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